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Residential Services

reshousepic2Building a home, although not as large-scale as many commercial or industrial projects, can be just as complicated. As such, homeowners often need advice and guidance when undertaking the risk-laden process of constructing a new or upgrading an existing home. A qualified owner's representative functions as a knowledgeable advocate and overseer/manager to insulate the homeowner from potential contractor abuse and to protect the homeowner's interest.

reshousepic1An owner’s representative from JoNoah Consulting guides the design development process ensuring the homeowner's interests are at the heart of every decision made. Our experience in both design and construction phase management provides a solid background to solve problems and offer creative solutions. The owner’s representative manages the overall coordination effort ensuring the most important issues receive the proper attention and resolution they deserve.

During the construction phase, the owner’s representative spends time on the construction site recognizing and resolving conflicts. When complicated issues arise, the owner’s representative explores all of the options, distills the information, and provides the homeowner with a concise set of clearly defined options along with a recommended course of action.