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Brief Description

At JoNoah Consulting

it is our mission to deliver the highest quality construction management services to all of our clients at a fair and market competitive price. We treat each project as if it were being built for our personal use and strive to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering projects on-time, within budget, with attention to detail, and with a service-minded attitude.

Our Process

homepagepicJoNoah Consulting is a Construction Management firm providing 100% of its services in an Agency relationship at a fixed fee. Agency Construction Management is different from other systems of project delivery in its philosophical approach to execution - the profit motivated contractor or manager is replaced with a fiduciary/agent who represents the Owner. The intent is to foster a collaborative approach to the delivery of the project. The Agency Construction Manager is a member of the project team (Owner, Architect/Engineer, Construction Manager) and assumes a leadership position — not a position of dominance, but rather a position of service which integrates the project delivery process.

As JoNoah Consulting works exclusively as an Agency Construction Manager and does not perform any construction work, our duties as the Owner’s Agent are unencumbered from profit motive and contractual relationships both within and beyond the project. It is this clean and clear approach which helps to establish and perpetuate the open and trusting relationship we have with our clients.

The services provided by JoNoah Consulting have a singular theme — to represent the Owner.